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July 7, 2017

Robomow RX20 Pro X Review: Quick Update

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This is a very quick update of my Robomow RX20 Pro Review. To read the full First Look post – click here.

Now I’ve had it installed for 2 months I can honestly say this thing is fantastic. Apart from a little bit of trimming against the washing line and fence posts every couple of weeks, my lawn is looking after itself. I will get some more picture soon to compare my grass from 2 months ago, but for now you can see a sneak peak of what my lawn looks like every day (it never looks long and untidy / in need of a cut now, just always neat and tidy).

This was a a photo from testing the Sherpa Tools Folding Cart and a good chance to do a bit of training with our dogs (including Mozi; our latest addition in the cart).

Here’s how it looks:

(You’ll have to forgive the darker evening lighting)

While it might not be a bowling green, we like the grass to be a bit longer as it survives dogs charging around better, but Jeffery keeps on top of it nicely, cutting and mulching every couple of days. I have to say, putting the ‘just cut’ look aside for a minute, the grass has shown more lateral growth than ever before, filling in spots of dog damage etc. It has also never looked so green. I’ve watered it less this year and yet it is still noticeably lusher than our neighbours lawns either side. The marketers don’t lie, mulching really does seem to make a noticeable difference by returning both water and nutrients back into the soil instead of the bin.

You may also note that you can’t see the wire around the edge of the lawn anymore. Within a couple of weeks the grass had started growing over / sucking it down into the turf. By 4 weeks you could hardly see it at all and 2 months on for most the edges I could’t even point it out if i tried now; you just can’t see it anymore.