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May 5, 2017

Robomow RX20 Pro Review: First Look

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Robomow RX20 Pro X Review
Meet Jeffery!

This is my first look at the new addition to our family. Jeffery is a Robomow RX20u and is one of their new budget mowers, launched this year. The RX20 Pro X retails for £649, while the lower spec RX12u is available for just £499.

Above: Lily (4), Jeffery (1 Day) & Dill (3).

The platforms are very similar and share the same chassis. The cheaper RX12u has a slightly smaller lawn size capability (150m2 for the RX12u vs 200m2 for the RX20 Pro) and works on a simpler ‘one touch to go’ system. Basically you press go and it mows the lawn, docking to recharge once it’s done. The RX20 Pro has this function and also can connect to the app and run a weekly schedule so it automatically heads out to cut at a chosen time, multiple times a week. I went for this option as I like the idea it will cut my lawn while I’m at work (and the dogs are in the house), meaning the lawn is cut and free for us all to enjoy in the evenings and at weekends.

Jeffery came from Mower Magic in Lincoln as they are a local dealer to me and I have had fantastic service off them before. I’m a firm believer in supporting local dealers, not only to support local businesses but also if you need support, they’ve got an invested interest in any aftersales, so if you need help, you’ve got a personal relationship. You can find local dealers to you here –

First Impressions

Opening the box reveals a well packaged robot with all everything else you need to install it neatly boxed around it. This one box solutions (which is the same with all Robomow’s, but not some other manufacturers) means you can get started straight away, and not have to worry about added extras when buying it. The RX is a stylish little mower that looks well built. The controls feel solid and decisive, and the floating cutter deck is so well balanced, I just know already that the finish is going to be fantastic. One of the reasons I liked the Robomow’s above others on the market is their solid stainless steel cutting blades. Although small, the blade is super sharp and looks much more robust then the swing blades you find on other models.

Time To Install

As I said, you get everything you need to install the RX20 Pro X in the box (be careful though and look for the X, the Pro model from European sellers doesn’t come with any wire and pegs, the X version from UK sellers does). This even includes and handy little ruler with pre-defined measurements to guide exactly how far from the edge you need to lay the wire. Before you get going, you only really have one decision to make, where you want the dock. Choose if you want it in a corner or along an edge, and if like me you choose a corner, whether you want in on the lawn, or set back from it. I chose to have it dock just off the lawn into a space I had in a boarder.

Using the guide, it’s easy to get right.  The first three pegs have to go in at set measurements away from each other so the robot knows where the base is, once they’re in, simply measure from the edge, pull the wire taut and peg in on the mark. II for a level edge. On mark III against a raised obstacle, fence or dropped edge.

roboruler for rx

Once the wire is laid, peg down the base station over the top. Put the Robomow RX20 Pro in it, and press go. I set the cut height to it’s highest as I wasn’t sure how it’s cut heights compared to my Bosch. Out it reverse and set about mowing. What more could I want.

The dogs were suspicious at first…
…but soon got used to Jeffery!

Just to check it could follow the wire home, I stopped the mower, pressed home. It promptly turned to the nearest edge, drove to the wire and followed it until it docked. In the docking station it recharges itself, then waits until it’s next scheduled mow. If your lawn needs a quick trim, you can manually tell it to go out.

What’s Next?

I am really looking forward now to letting this little mower do it’s thing. To see if the claims are true about regular cutting and mulching being good for the turf quality.

I will update this post shortly with images of my installation. I’ll post more information about the app once I have had more of a chance to use it and set a schedule.


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